Full width sections

Sections are full width in Tailor by default, however many themes have a predefined width for the content area of a page. Sections with color, image or video background therefore appear “boxed”.

Now, using the free Advanced Features extension for Tailor, you can now stretch Section elements to the full width of the screen even when the content area of your theme has a maximum width.

After activating the Advanced Features extension, you will be presented with three width options.

The new width option for Sections
  1. Standard allows you to specify a maximum width for the content area, as you always have.
  2. Stretched background ensures that the actual background of the section (color, image or video) occupies the full width of the screen. This applies even when the theme has a sidebar.
  3. Stretched background and content, as the name suggests, ensures that the background and content of a section (i.e., your Tailor elements) occupy the full width of the screen.

Combining this with a minimum height (tip: use 100vh to have the section take up the full height of the screen) and the versatile collection of Tailor elements, you can create impressive full screen hero sections, sliders and more.

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