Columns on steroids

Column layouts have always been easy to achieve in Tailor: simply drag and drop an element to the left or right of another and voilà!

By popular request it’s now possible to nest columns within columns (and other elements for that matter). Things quickly get a little crazy as we’ll see, so if you’re going to use this feature be sure to buckle your seatbelt.

Columns within columns

Create a new set of columns by dragging an element to the left or right of another. Create a new set of nested columns by dragging an element to the left or right of an element within a column.

Simple nested columns

Dragging an element to the left or right of an actual column will simply create another column in that row, as before.

Columns within other elements

Feeling adventurous? Why not create columns within other elements (like a Box)?

Simple columns within an element

Columns within columns within other elements..

For the insane among you, you can create columns within columns within elements within columns (etc.). Please spare a thought for the poor people who will be viewing your website before you become too column-happy though.

Slightly more complicated layout Why would you want to do this? Shut up! That’s why!

But wait; there’s more. Columns are also now even more responsive.

As always, enjoy! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use these new powers carefully.

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