Best Free WordPress themes to work with Tailor Page Builder

Tailor is a theme-agnostic WordPress page builder plugin technically, which means it should work fine with any WordPress theme of your choice. However, as we get this question often where users ask for recommendations about the best theme to work with Tailor. Although you get a good number of free WordPress themes available, choose a good theme which has the clean secure code, stable and has good support.

Here are few recommendations of good free WordPress themes from the WP repo. These themes are recommended due to the very reasons highlighted above and based on their popularity and rating in the WP repo and are tested with Tailor.

Best Free WordPress Themes

  • OceanWP
  • Generate Press
  • Astra

Note that these are not in any particular order, choose any one you like.

OceanWP Theme

OceanWP Theme

OceanWP is a multi purpose free WordPress theme. It’s lightweight and extendable via free and paid extensions. The free version provides you almost all the power controls to customize the design of your website. There are also options to enable/disable certain theme specific scripts and styles to optimize it for speed. If you after a feature rich theme for free then you must try out this one first.

Useful links for OceanWP

GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is also a multi purpose WordPress theme. It’s fast, light weight and neatly coded. The theme is extendable via premium extensions pack to add more power and functionality. GeneratePress got 500 five star rating ( till the time of writing this post ) which proves the theme is great. GP can serve as a solid base for any website.

Useful links for GP

Astra Theme

Astra is a new player launched recently. We came across this themes recently and tried out to get surprised by the clean code and functionality this theme offers. Astra is also a light weight, fast and well-coded free WordPress theme with option to extend via paid extensions pack. Astra also offers plenty of customization options in the free theme. We recommend you to test this out as well if you are looking to a good base theme for your next project.

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Final Thought

All the themes mentioned in this article are tried personally and comply with the basic criteria of a good theme such as clean code, light weight & extendability. Also to note that all the themes, however, offer paid extensions pack but you would be good to start with just the free theme, but, if you find the theme useful we encourage you to buy the paid extension as that will gives you more control and it is always great to support the product if you can.

P.S. If you have any other great free theme recommendation which complies with basic criteria mentioned above and works great with Tailor page builder, please do recommend it via comment and we will try it and add it to the post if the theme deserves it.

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2 thoughts on “Best Free WordPress themes to work with Tailor Page Builder

  1. I’d say any of the top 50 in this list [] would be suitable – variety for various types of sites. Not all “Page Builder” built websites need to be fall in the “Only Full Width” is good enough category!

    Hestia, OnePress, Activation, Ignis and Sparkling (just to name a few) all stand out to me as some of the excellent “free” themes on ORG!

    1. Yes, there are indeed some good themes in top 50, and depending on the type of website there may definitely be a better suitable theme than the 3 mentioned in the post.

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